Why good website design is so important!

Before we attempt to make a case for importance of good web design it’s important to understand your product and web presence. It is really important to understand the way the customer approaches your web site. Is it through a search engine he approaches the website based on advertisement outside the web space?

If the potential customer has come to your website through a search engine, then it’s very critical to understand that the attention span for the customer is extremely limited and very ambulatory. The potential customer has approached your website to seek information he wants. Not everyone is patient and persevering. The first response of a casual customer is to skim through the website and look for clues to the answers his potential inquires. If the customer sees the potential answers then he stays on and surfs the site further and as he gets more information he is engaged further. It’s important to realise this sequence of engagement of a normal customer.

How is a web page different form conventional means of communication:
It very important that the conventional paper and electronic media is static in terms of communicating information. Its almost a broadcast. As opposed to the traditional media the web space is dynamic is a pull type medium and interactive. The customer is in control of the information her seeks. Further, its pivotal to acknowledge that the potential information that and average surfer is presented with is much more than the traditional media, so only the most appropriate information that would help him to take a decision should be presented in the first pass. Detailed information about the product or service can be hyperlinked.

Web layout design:
One of the points that is often forgotten that one should asses how many customers habitually use your website. There are tools to assess the loyal customers. If a large number of your customs use the website, it is advisable to keep it the way it is and make very small incremental changes. This is so because a regular customer already has a mind map of the website he regularly uses. Drastically revamping the website could affect and loose the loyal customers, as they would find it difficult to navigate through the new design.
Given the backdrop above its important to reiterate the sequence in which the website is approached.
While designing a new webpage the most important to take a stock of one’s product, service, after market servicing the logistics to transact online and goods delivery. It’s important to break-down each aspect, like product description, warranties, delivery and after sales into convenient tabs. The thumb rules of webpage design should be followed through, clutter should be avoided and it should also suit all age profiles of your customers. If a customer has landed on your web page after jumping through hyperlinks, the driving factor to engage him is how quickly he gets the information he is looking for. The most critical point to realise is the web space is only an accelerator and ease of transacting and closing a transaction is the key to growing your business online. If one misses on this opportunity there are competitors who can make transacting a pleasure and they could permanently steal your customers, making markets more difficult. This way the business could be self-perpetuating or destructing. Keeping all this in mind your web space becomes an indispensable point of contact. It’s like a first interaction of a sales person with the customer. Unlike a sales person, the web space does not reciprocate to the para language of the customer. They only way out of this situation is good web design and user-friendliness.

Everybody provides information the only differentiator is the finesse of your website. Not only should the website should be visually appealing but also should be easy to understand. Only the popular jargon should be used wherever necessary to explain the features. Verbosity should be avoided. The colour schemes should be in accordance with the products and industry standards. The web page should have designed to help the user to navigate through easily. If the products require a complex description, then it’s advisable to use an A.V. to explain the product and usage. Animations should be use to highlight the most important features.

Bringing it all together.

A lot more goes into building the website that what meets the eye. The coding technology platforms and putting it across various platform only deepens the reach. The use of technology would also be the requirement of customers and would like to be delivered their way. This also influences the web page designing there could be some enablers and some restrictions at the same time.