At Sazinga digital services, our UI/UX team stays focused on design, development and testing for user experience and user testing. By outsourcing UI/UX work to us, you can bring an entirely new technologies and strategies in to play. We primarily offer solutions for enterprises, and also startups who wish to promote an excellent consumer experience.With our services, your mobile or web app is a true reflection of your brand. They are made to be in a perfect sync with the preferences of the intended audience.

Sazinga Digital Services comes across as the most preferred logo design company in pune

We extend our services for


We come across as among the top UI UX design company in Pune and operate in a manner that all elements of design are oriented towards startup goals.

Enterprise applications

User interfaces that we design for enterprise applications could be created especially for a project or a product. They can also be revised versions of the enterprise applications which the client may presently be using. They are rich in functionality and ease of use and understanding.


We create highly user specific user interfaces for Intranet/ECM, as aided by a focus on research and discussions with clients. This lets us understand their requirements in detail before we initiate the project.

Mobile and Web apps

We offer user interface design services for different industries and for number of distinct devices and platforms. For the same, at Sazinga digital services, we use responsive, native and hybrid applications.

Through the stages of planning through to execution, our UI/UX designers work in close coordination with your development team. We follow proper procedures to execute projects which are thorough on wireframes, prototypes, UI development and usability testing. It makes projects more creative and enhances their functionality as well.

UI development

We are ranked among the top UX companies in Pune and attempt to keep the right balance between visual presentation and technical aspects of a user interface.

Usability testing

The user interfaces are tested comprehensively before delivery. Our user interface designs are made in a way to encourage people to keep going through the website and promote a user experience which is brand centric while it is delightful as well. The macro and micro aspects of design are all created artistically.

The designs are contemporary in order to create a fresh look for the webpage. They are exceedingly company centric and the kind that stay highly attractive and usable across the years to come. While the designs are simple and intuitive, they are highly efficient as well.

Design process for UI includes

Research and Strategy

In order to make sure that each project is user specific and highly functional, we work in close sync with our clients to understand their unique requirements.


The prototypes and wireframes that we create ensure that visual elements are presented in the right order.

Visual appeal

We create visually pleasing designs with a deep focus on colors, icons, designs and textures.

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