Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing that we conduct is closely in sync with brand objectives and strategies. It is effective and influences an organization’s branding, ROI and growth. The key objectives that we keep in mind for our social media marketing strategies are building brand awareness, customer engagement and getting relevant traffic.

Sazinga digital services is the top social media marketing company in Pune

Facebook has 2 billion active users, which is a quarter of the earth’s population. Using Facebook for enhancing brand awareness gives access to a large target audience cross section, both locally and internationally. Social media marketing essentially delivers a competitive edge for a brand. A strong social media presence augurs well for sales, both online and offline.

Know the target audience

We start with identifying the target audience demographics for social media activities and pitching the products and services. This ensures higher ROI.

Keep the audience engaged

The next step is to design the posts in a way that captures audience interest and liking. By keeping marketing strategies consistent, we make sure that end customers find it easier to associate with the brand and build a brand image in their minds. Research over topics that capture the interest of target audience brings us on the same platform as them. While we keep the audience engaged, CTAs in random posts help with online sales.

Grow audience online

This is achieved with engaging posts and getting more likes. We also focus on timing the posts right and keeping the frequency right. The multimedia content is optimized for mobiles as over 90% of social media interactions take place over a mobile device.

Monitor effectiveness

We study Facebook Ad metrics in numerous ways in order to make sure that the social media marketing efforts are delivering the best results for a brand. Competitor analysis and defining fresh strategies for the future, and then implementing them effectively forms a part of our work culture.


We keep social media marketing, catchy and innovative in order to deliver more organic likes and shares, and real results.

Marketing across platforms

We strategically market a brand and its products and service across all trending social media platforms, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. This ensures that a brand gets even more chance to get across to the targeted customer cross section and gain competitive edge with our dynamic marketing strategies. We are among the top advertising agencies in Pune.

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