How to select a web design agency

You may have some of the components to build a web site and you are vexed with the question how to choose a Web Design Agency. One can tick a check list or can make it a project. Choosing a Web Agency is only half of the composite piece. The answer really starts with profiling your own organisation.

Here are some points to actively consider to answer the question:

Are you a established company with a digital presence (which is a larger media marketing and brand strategy)? If this is the case, then the web world is only the extension of your marketing strategy. The web-space is only an enabler for ease of business. For this reason, your larger marketing strategy cannot be very different from what is to be said on the net. You should communicate this to the web agency very affirmatively. You should communicate your brand positioning as you have taken it to be.

If your business is predominantly web-based (B2C), then you are the new age nerds. Your type of web site needs to be receptive and more interactive.

Now that the larger question is sorted out the next question is : how established is your current business.? If you are a long-established company, then you have a lot of data about your company and products. Firstly, you have a long history to tell. This is a unique opportunity to tell the unknown product lines about your company. Its time clear the existing notions that people (outside the realms of your business) in general have about your company.

Then comes the usual stuff but again the important point is:

  • Do you have a problem statement?
  • Are you looking to build marketing strategies and Brand Building through the Web route in addition to the conventional media?
  • What do you want to achieve by building the Web presence?
  • Do you have a reduced web traffic?
  • Do you want to provide have a quick way of dealing with the company have a better CRM eco system?
  • Do you want to increase the Brand presence?

With all the given background now one comes to the real work of getting in the choosing the agency.

Ask Questions:

Usually all the agencies forward their sales pitch and the same routine questions are tossed up. Usually, a the realisable brands are pushed forward. But choosing an agency is like hitting through a date. Since you have done the ground work and have straightened your requirements please throw all the questions and navigate your requirement through the clutter.

Use the Power of the Internet

The net is best place to make a list of the website designers. Once you have short listed the agencies you still need to follow it though personal visit. Take time to meet with the team. The larger idea is to see if the Design Agency can be the best-fit for you. The Agency should work as the extended arm of your company. Should be willing to work along with your company’s culture and practices and most important of all should be flexible.

To make it all sound line a day’s work, it is really important to focus on the objective that you are approaching the digital space. Do you want a web presence or you are looking to generate the leads using the net? This very nature will affect the decision of the Agency, this will directly tell you if you need a boutique agency or an Agency with a global reach for pin point pitches.