Responsive Web Design

Minimize bounce rates with responsive website designs

At Sazinga Digital Services, we stay focused towards creating web designs that work from everywhere and come across as the top responsive web designing Services Company in Pune.

Smartphones have become a part of our lives and a vast majority of customer interactions online take place over smartphones. Creating a responsive website design is no longer a trend. It comes across as a necessity.

The content that is created should offer the necessary flexibility that makes it viewable across all platforms that a user uses. The first step that we follow towards creating a responsive web design is making a website mobile optimized. This ensures that parameters such as page width, layouts, designs, texts, graphics and fonts are auto adjusted when a consumer views a website over a mobile phone. This must take place without any horizontal scrolling, image distortion or loss of resolution.

Solutions that we deliver for responsive website design and development are one-size-fits-all. Content resizes dynamically, and this saves efforts towards designing websites for optimal performance across different interfaces.

Responsive web designs offer a number of advantages. They are cost effective and are created in lesser time. With their flawless functioning across a number of devices, customer experience is enhanced while the bounce rate reduces. This is good from an SEO perspective as well and ensures high page rankings for a website. When a consumer gets a unified experience across all devices that he uses, customer retention is simplified.

The key differentiators for our reliable and quality CMS services include a team of dedicated and professional CMS developers, designers and programmers. We are well versed with the latest, most frequently used and top performing CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Kentico, Joomla, Mambo, Druple, Moodle, Typo3 and DotNetNuke.

While our services enable more exposure for your brand, lead conversion and customer retention rates are higher.

We follow the best work practices, which reinstates our position as the top CMS development services Pune.

For responsive web designs, we use cutting edge technologies such as open source CMS. This makes a website easy to update across any device. Let us take a look at a few of the prime features of responsive web designs that we create.

As the preferred CMS development company Pune, our services are made available at the best prices in the industry and streamline business operations for clients from across the globe. Our services are versatile and are available for small, medium and large sized enterprises alike. We design basic CMS to enterprise grade CMS.

Website structure

Website structure of the responsive websites that we design is characterised by impressive design features. It keeps the user experience optimum.

Engaging content

Engaging content reflects on conversion rate. A few of the prime parameters that we focus on include catchy headlines, CTAs and pleasing templates and graphics

Optimal UX

We keep the websites and their navigations intuitive across devices. Aesthetic elements and functionality are both prime focus areas


Use of cutting edge technologies

Responsive website designs involve quality front end coding and custom databases. A few of the top technologies that we avail are HTML/CSS AND Javascript.

Search engine friendly

Websites are created in a mobile friendly paradigm and feature resizable images and fluid grid layouts. It brings in leads that convert and also makes a website search engine friendly.

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