Progressive WebApps

Progressive WebApps

We are dedicated towards creating apps that are user friendly and have a flawless design. Our apps are seamless, reliable and fast loading, and come across as breakthrough technological solutions for our clients.

Sazinga Digital Services are the top Progressive Web App Development Company in Pune.

At Sazinga, we offer recommendations over the web apps that meet client requirements in the best possible ways. As our PWAs run across all platforms, it works towards boosting customer engagement and results in higher customer retention rates.

We always make PWAs to meet high quality parameters, and use ‘service workers elements’ in order to ensure an excellent user experience. Use of latest PWA tools empowers online businesses to grow faster.

Let us take a look at the top features of our progressive web apps

High performance

For creating PWAs, we use core principles of progressive enhancement. It lets our PWAs perform better across platforms, irrespective of resource constraints.

SEO compliant

We make PWAs while adhering to best SEO practices. Higher page rankings increases traffic to your websites.

Like native apps

Our systematic work processes keep PWAs much like native apps. They nearly have the same features as native apps.


The PWAs that we create load fast and minimize customer bounce rates.

Compatible across browsers

Our PWAs are cross browser compatible. The interactivity across browsers is seamless.


The PWAs are reliable and load fast irrespective of the network conditions that a user operates in. They operate independent of connectivity and work offline as well.

Automatic updates

Once our clients start using our PWAs, they need not worry about updating them. The apps are updated by themselves whenever a new version comes in. It helps the apps keep alive.


We offer customized high quality PWAs for multiple devices.


Any progressive web application that we create is easy to install for the end users. One just goes to the website and adds the app to his mobile homepage. Our range of specializations goes on to include custom and responsive PWA development, progressive web design, application shell architecture, background synchronization, cross platform mobile app development and transport layer security.

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